Free solutions to adapt to COVID-19 

We understand that the new situation created by covid is a challenge for many - if not all - companies.


We strive to help by creating a way to stay in touch with your customers and your employees and their needs.

Qualtrics - the world's most prominent Experience Management tool- has created free surveys for everyone to help companies in adjusting to the current developments of COVID-19.

We offer help on how to introduce this tool within your organization. 

The topics we cover are:

Remote + On-site Work Pulse


Rapidly address your entire workforce's needs for well-being, resources, safety and enablement throughout this disruption—whether they are remote, on-site, or on the frontline. 

Remote Educator Pulse

Quickly assess the preparedness of educators to deliver remote learning programs and monitor ongoing progress. Understand areas of focus to improve both educator and student experience. 

Higher Education: Remote Learning Pulse

Quickly assess potential exposure to COVID-19 and travel plans. Gauge additional needs for student services and ongoing satisfaction with online learning. 

COVID-19 Customer Confidence Pulse

Understand drivers of customer confidence and quickly adapt to the ever-changing situation surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Take targeted action to improve communication and better meet customers' evolving needs. 

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  • How does the survey work and what does it cover?

  • How can you personalize the settings (e.g. breakdown either by county or region)?

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